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You have the POWER

Yes, you have the power to choose. Wondering if you can have a new deposit while you have a currently active deposit in a plan? The answer , my friends, is yes you can. You do not need to wait for your active deposits to expire before you can make new deposits. In fact, there is no limit to this function and you can do so anytime.
Oct-17-2020 06:35:32 PM

Bounty Campaign Week 2 Ended

The Bounty Campaign Week 2 has ended already and payments are being sent now. Thank you for participating.
Oct-6-2020 05:02:43 AM

Bounty Campaign Week 2 Ending on October 5, 2020

Oct-2-2020 01:49:59 PM

Notice to Everyone About Posers and Fake Groups

It has come to our attention that someone has made a group chat on Telegram with the same Group name as ours "Bitcointribution Group Chat". Please be aware that the only official and legitimate group chat for Telegram is nothing else.

The official admins of the group are the following usernames:


There is a fake group with a mispelled "bitcontribution" notice the missing letter "i" in the bitcoin prefix. Do not join that group.

Also this is a serious reminder that you must never fall for anyone pretending to be us and offering you special plans with bigger earnings making it appear like a special VIP promo only for you. We will never approach anyone and offer such things.

Sep-30-2020 07:57:57 PM

Bounty Week # 2 is about to start

We are excited to announce that our BOUNTY CAMPAIGN Week # 2 is about to begin. We will be repeating the mechanics of the Week # 1 Campaign in order to give chance to everyone to submit qualified posts and tasks completed.

For information about the BOUNTY CAMPAIGN click here .

The campaign will start today, September 28, 2020 at 12:00PM UTC until October 5, 2020 at 12:00PM UTC.

Earn free money by doing simple tasks. Join the Week # 2 of our BOUNTY CAMPAIGN.
Sep-28-2020 03:04:48 AM

Your questions have been answered

We just wanted to inform everyone the following information for your reference and for everyone to be aware of.

How to change your payout information like BTC wallet and others?
If you have an existing account information entered in your profile with us, you will need to contact us and answer your secret question before we can allow you to change the information you need changed.

Can we make additional investments in the same plan even if we have an existing active one?
Yes, you can do this without a problem. In fact, there is no limit to the number of deposit transactions you can make for any plan. This means, each deposit transaction you make will have its own expiration date and therefore also a different hourly timing for the earnings.

Can I make a deposit from the account balance?
You can do this via the deposit page like a normal deposit. The option for "Account Balance" will show up in the payment selection menu if you have available balance in your account.

I got paid via Bitcoin but it is not showing in my wallet. Why?
When you get paid via Bitcoin, a transaction code is sent via e-mail. You can use this code and copy and paste it to any Bitcoin Blockchain Explorer or at and see that the transaction has been sent by our system.

Wallets that are used for Bitcoin may not reflect the transaction until it reaches a certain amount of confirmations, so payee must wait for confirmations required by your wallet service provider.

I hope this newsletter answers most of your questions. If you have questions you can join our social media pages or the Telegram Group chat at the button links on the left hand side of this message.

Thank you for supporting Bitcointribution.
Sep-21-2020 04:12:01 PM

Minimums for ETH transactions increased due to very high fees

We will be raising minimum deposits for ETH and minimum withdrawals. This is because we have been paying $3 fee for each withdrawal even if the withdrawal is just $3.5 .

To balance things out and prevent overspending because of fees, we will be modifying the minimums for both deposits and withdrawals through ETH. Again, this applies only to ETH.

Minimum deposit through ETH from now on will be $100 and the minimum withdrawal will be $50 so it would be best to withdraw when your deposit actually matures. But a $50 minimum ensures that we are not paying an unbelievably high ETH fee. We have been paying high fees like this for past weeks and we decided that since ETH fee is not lowering, we will increase our minimums starting now.


We suggest that you strategically withdraw your ETH balances if you deposit through ETH,so that all the remainder of your hourly profits will total to at least $50 before requesting a withdrawal.

We hope that ETH fees become lower again like before so that we can go back to the normal minimums.

If you received ETH as a commission, and it does not meet the $50 minimum withdrawal limit, please contact support and we will gladly convert your ETH commission to another processor type.

Thank you for your understanding.
Sep-18-2020 01:29:30 PM

Bounty Reminder 48 Hours until last entries

Hello dear members. Just reminding you all that our Bounty Campaign Week # 1 is about to end in abour 48 hours. We will then review all entries and then pay out the bounties for everyone who qualified. We are very happy to receive a lot of submissions for all bounty types. This has been a great week so far and we will definitely have a 2nd week of Bounty.

You can still join the bounty and submit your entries before the 7th day ends. Thank you so much.
Sep-14-2020 04:11:26 PM

Earn Free Money with our Bounty Campaign Week 1

Today we officially start our Bounty Campaign Week # 1. To those who wants to earn free Bitcoin by just doing very simple tasks please click the image below.

You can check out the page at

These are simple tasks utilizing your social media accounts, blogs (if you have one), Youtube (if you publish videos), and or just simply leaving a review for us at TrustPilot.

This is our first week of campaign which should enable many to make free money by just following the instructions on each page. Please remember that you are required to pre-qualify to like our Facebook Page, Follow us on Twitter and Join the Telegram Group. Yes you must do all 3 to qualify then read each bounty campaign type for instructions.

It is a very simple task to do and get free money. See you there.
Sep-9-2020 11:43:16 AM

Confirmation Patience - required at current time

Blockchain transactions have been extremely slow over the past 2 to 3 days and we understand why some users may be impatient about it. We know that not everyone understands how blockchain and Bitcoin works in a technical way, so let us familiarise you with whats happening.

First and foremost, when your withdrawal request gets paid "instantly of course" by our website software, you should have receive a transaction hash, with a copy of the transaction in the form of an email notification from our system. This means that we have sent out your payment and that the funds have left our wallet.

Now why doesn't it show up in your Bitcoin wallets yet? This is where the confirmation information needs to be learned and understood. When blockchain transactions are sent, a fee is charged and could be set by the sender. During ordinary days, the fee doesn't matter much since the transactions would confirm over a short period of time. However, because of the blockchain network activity and the fee setting required per block has increased, those which were usually just normal fees, become delayed in confirmation because each block confirmation now requires a higher transaction fee to get included in the first few blocks in the Bitcoin Blockchain network for confirmation.

Should you be worried? No, you shouldn't because your funds are on the way, you just need to wait for the transaction fees to go back down to normal and your transaction should get confirmed and you should receive your funds in your wallet.
Sep-4-2020 06:55:26 AM

Group conversation through Telegram Group chat - a must!

Inviting all current members and viewers to join the group chat if you have Telegram app installed in your desktop or mobile. .

Converse about Bitcointribution and anything under the bright sun. See you there. Our admins Rudy and Marcus are always in the chat.
Aug-24-2020 12:35:26 PM

New minimum deposit amount, hooray for today!

We have updated the minimum deposit amount for the 2nd and 3rd plan that we offer. The new minimum and maximum deposit for each plan was also update.

For the 1.23% hourly for 88 hours the minimum deposit remains at $8.00 while the maximum deposit was raised to $888.00.

For the 0.68% hourly for 188 hours the minimum deposit was lowered to $88.00 and the maximum amount has been raised to $8,888.00.

Lastly for the 0.58% hourly for 288 hours the minimum is now set at a low $188.00 and the maximum you can deposit remains at $88,888.00.

The referral commission rates will remain at the same rate based on the amount of deposit your referrals make. And this does not matter to which plan they deposit to.

Cheers friends.
Aug-21-2020 03:21:17 AM

As promised, opening our doors to everyone , Hello world?

We are thrilled and nervous at the same time that we announce that we have started to market our company publicly. Our closed beta stage has ended and we are not on full public opening stage.

We have put up a public Facebook page, link of which available on all website pages floating on the lower left hand side of all our pages no matter where you scroll, the stick buttons remain, including a Telegram group link where you can all meet each other. We will send an invitation link to everyone a bit later today so we can all meet in the Telegram group.

Please like the Facebook page and you can use that as a means of communication with our team as well.

Rudy and Marcus at your service. We are the two people assigned in handling this publicly. Automated payments remain and we have lowered the minimum amounts of deposit of course for those who do not know us yet and wish to test us out. Feel free to do so.

Withdrawal limits minimum have also been altered and modified for those who are here to try us out first. Rest assured you'll be impressed. Come and join, we are here for you.
Aug-18-2020 03:50:39 PM

Discussion about opening website for registrations publicly

We have decided to open our website to the public and allow registrations from anywhere in the world. But this will not be today but after 4 more weeks. We need to prepare our team and hire more people , of course those who can work from home because of this COVID19 virus which has totally decimated our normal lives.

We are optimistic that this virus should be gone soon and we will thrive and be stronger than before as human beings of the world. Economies may go down but there is no other way to go after this but upwards.

We are with you all throughout. We are ending our CLOSED BETA stage after over a year and opening our doors publicly in 4 weeks. Watch out and wait for another update.

Please please, we want you safe so please stay indoors and keep distance from other people for now.
Jul-16-2020 03:17:00 AM

Please be safe and stay indoors, this Corona virus ****

We all thought this was just an ordinary virus and that social media and news portals are all just making it look extreme. But unfortunately, it is a real thing. We urge everyone to stay indoors and try to not go out of your houses as much as possible.

Make sure that everyone is safe by keeping distance from people outside your homes and please wear masks when going outside. We all hope this will be well soon and that everything will go back to normal soonest.
Mar-19-2020 11:44:14 AM

All about the security of our automated payouts

Yes it's true , automated payouts pose some serious threats and risk to the security when it comes to financial transactions. But we are not called experts in what we do if we did not ensure this. Our technicians are fully experienced when it comes to server security. We have tested everything and even hired people to try and hack the system before we enabled it and we're seriously glad that this has proven to be a bullet proof payment system that we have setup and put together.

It does save everyone a lot of time and removes the waiting time that you previously had to endure.

With chins up, we are proud of what we have come up with. Rest easy dear investors, we are on top of things here. Thank you to one of the investors here who is connected with a team of security experts to have participated in the testing phase from phase 1 to the official activation of our instant payment process. You know who you are.

Cheers to everyone. Let's celebrate life by enjoying the financial freedom that we are hoping to be of help in achieving yours as well.
Mar-12-2020 03:41:47 PM

Automatic payments, surprise! We enabled it.

We are sure that you will love this news update here. Note that we sent a newsletter too, just like we do whenever a news is posted here.

Our website is on full autonomy! All withdrawals are not automated and are processed the moment you request them, no matter the amount. Remember that the minimum amount as usual.

We hope that this move does not detach our contacts with each other LOL. We are always here to make sure everything is okay. Please do not hesitate to reach us if you need assistance.
Mar-1-2020 05:36:58 AM

Jingle bells for those who celebrate it

Happy holidays to everyone. We are sending our love to everyone and your family this holiday season and regardless if you celebrate Christmas and New Year, we wish everyone a great holidays ahead.

You can still contact us and we still proceed with business as usual even during this time. As you know there is no real holiday or offwork for us. We always do what we do best and we love what we're doing.

Enjoy the holidays and your vacation everyone!
Dec-17-2019 11:14:34 PM

November news and why didn't we post news for past months

You know that we get in touch with everyone via newsletter from time to time. Mostly at least twice a month at least and we are in touch with everyone. No news for the past months mean only one thing, that everything is going well and there is not much new things to discuss about.

Everyone please enjoy the company and we will make sure that we keep doing what we do. Cheers to all.
Nov-4-2019 03:32:28 PM

Hello and congratulations are on the way

We sent out a newsletter last week and we've received so many entries and submissions for the simple contest we started. Lo and behold the winners have already been paid out with the prizes.

$500.00 for the first prize winner
$300.00 for the second prize winner
$200.00 for the third prize winner

And 5 winners of $100.00 each.

Check your e-mail notifications and see if you've won. A newsletter was also sent out to everyone 30 minutes ago announcing the winners and the winners individually would have received their prizes already through Bitcoin as the mechanics of our contest dictated.

Congratulations to everyone and thank you to those who participated.
Jul-29-2019 03:30:03 PM