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Crypto fluctuations, always a good sign for traders like us

Everyone has nothing to worry about. As we have explained many times before, all the movements that cryptos do, we use it as advantage to make us earn profits. This is with quick succession. Fret not and we have everything under control. A delay was incurred in terms of payments 17 hours ago but all is well and everyone is happy. I know, because we have received many compliments from our investors.

We have also thought about updating the rates we use for our crypto deposits and withdrawals to a fixed value but at the end of the day, it was decided that it would be more advantageous for you to use the real-time rates for each transaction because of so many more pros versus cons as discussed in the newsletter we sent a few hours ago.

We pride ourselves in focusing and maintaining a winning streak in our financial decisions when it comes to the trades we do. Many have asked whether we will update our plans soon, but we beg to disagree, that our plans need not changing at all at current press time.

Enjoy the services and the benefits you receive from us because we appreciate your business a lot and we will always strive harder each and every day to ensure that you are satisfied with us.
Jul-1-2019 07:26:37 AM

Growth in number, a possible sign for public opening

Your invitations are appreciated. Our database is now growing in terms of numbers and a vast majority have activated their accounts with investments in our exciting plans. We hope you are enjoying the fast payments that our website has to offer.

Yet again, we have started to accept Doge and Dash as the newest altcoins we accept. You may see the new payment information fields in your edit profile page.

Also please bare with some downtime today because of the updates we did with some of the pages. If you still encounter some errors, please do not stop yourself from contacting any of our team.
Jun-6-2019 11:21:33 AM

Minor bugs in the withdrawal section

Forgive us for the mishaps and the errors encountered when you request a withdrawal. Our technicians have corrected the issue and we are not running smoother than ever. You may still contact us manually through our Telegram accounts for your support needs or you can use the e-mail support system on our website.

Thank you for your time.
May-19-2019 07:19:08 PM

Gratitude to our current members and investors

We have a lot to be thankful for. This website was put up through the efforts of the whole team and as promised, we were able to launch it a month after it was decided that we needed to create an online portal for our investors so they may manage their accounts with more freedom and real-time ability to transact.

Gone are the days when you needed to contact us and do everything manually. Finally! The whole data and each investor information have been entered and have been bug tested by out technicians.

Again, we thank everyone for your support. Let this be the beginning of our journey to all of our success.
May-13-2019 03:17:28 PM